Teri Maguire | DESIGN415 | San Francisco Bay Area Interior Designer

Teri Maguire

Teri was born and raised in San Francisco. At a young age, she enjoyed rearranging her bedroom and painting it different colors. She even created a detailed storyboard and got permission from her parents to pursue her drive to design the whole house.

From Assistant to Senior Designer, Teri has held numerous positions in design and has led, designed, managed, and implemented residential and commercial projects throughout the Bay Area.

Teri holds a Computer Science Bachelor's Degree from San Francisco State University and an Interior Design Associate of Science Degree from CaƱada College.

Al Parison | DESIGN415 | San Francisco Bay Area Certified Interior Designer

Al Parison

Al came to California from Michigan to pursue his passion for architecture and interior design. His career escalated quickly in the Bay Area, as he became the top Senior Designer at a high-end design firm.

Al is an active listener and partners closely with clients to create personal, customized environments based upon their lifestyle and needs. For over twenty-five years, Al has designed prominent homes throughout the Bay Area; his clients include numerous executives and venture capitalists.

Al holds a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design and is a Certified Interior Designer.


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Teri and Al collaborating on interior design projects for over 15 years.

Teri and Al collaborating on interior design projects for over 15 years.

3D Rendering: Gast Architects
Photography: Graham McBride Photography